Federal, cantonal, communal and private archives

There is a significant volume of records in the archives of the federal government, cantons and communes, as well as in private archives, which document social measures and placements prior to 1981 for generations to come. The CSMPA requires all archives to preserve any documents containing details of victims or persons affected by compulsory social measures or placements. The archives must ensure that anyone with a legitimate interest is allowed access to their files and given a proper opportunity to read them in a simple and cost-free procedure. This right is given in the first place to the victims and persons affected or, if they are no longer alive, to their family members. People engaged in the academic enquiry into the issue may also inspect these files. The CSMPA also requires the archives to help victims, persons affected and their family members with their search for records. These people can contact the archives directly at any time. Alternatively, they can contact their local cantonal contact point, which will provide support and coordinate the search if need be. You will find the addresses below:

You will also find useful information on searching for documents in the guide issued by the Guido Fluri Foundation:

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