Mandate of the FCM

The Federal Commission on Migration FCM was established on the 1st of January 2008. It was created through the merging of the former Federal Commission for Foreigners FCF with the Federal Commission for Refugees FCR and it continues to pursue the responsibilities of the previous commissions. Its responsibilities in the field of foreigners are extensively described in the Federal Act on Foreign Nationals. The Asylum Act merely notes that an advisory commission has been constituted. Further responsibilities emerge from the Ordinance on the Integration of Foreign Nationals and the regulations on the organisation of the Federal Commission for Refugees of November 1997.

Consulting and basic groundwork

The FCM is legally mandated to deal with social, economic, cultural, political, demographic and juridical questions, which result from the residence of foreign persons in Switzerland. These also include asylum seekers, recognized refugees and temporarily admitted persons. The commission can develop and publish position papers and recommendations concerning these subjects on its own initiative. The federal council and offices can obtain statements and recommendations on questions of migration from the commission. They decide on the publishing of these documents.

Transfer of knowledge

The FCM is supposed to make a substantial contribution to the transfer of knowledge on questions of migration. For this purpose it collaborates with the responsible administrative bodies of the federation, the cantons, the communities, the cantonal and communal services and commissions for foreigners as well as the NGOs working in the field of Integration. It also participates in the international exchange of opinions and experiences.


The FCM informs the public about its work. It publishes position papers, recommendations and basic groundwork concerning migration. As a part of its duties it publishes an annual activities report.

Encouraging Integration

The FCM is entitled to apply to the federal office for the granting of financial contributions for the implementation of integration projects with a nationwide impact. The FCM is currently funding «Citoyenneté», «Periurban» and «Neues Wir». Former projects in the field of early intervention have been completed.


The FCM coordinates its activities with other federal commissions.


The Commission can act as an intermediary between the organisations working in the field of integration and the federal administration.

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