Attention: fraudulent telephone calls

Betrügerische Telefonanrufe

For some time now, there have been increasing reports of vishing attempts. These are usually English-speaking callers posing as police or other authorities. To combat these scams, fedpol recommends that you do not divulge any personal information, and that you report such attempts to the National Cyber Security Centre.


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Exchange of information

Crime is a reflection of society. It is digital, mobile, connected. Terrorists and criminals do not act locally. They do not stop at borders, whether cantonal or national. In order to strengthen security, a rapid and most comprehensive exchange of information between police forces is indispensable.

Anschlag in Wien


In recent years, Europe has been shaken repeatedly by terrorist attacks motivated by jihadism or right-wing extremism. According to the Federal Intelligence Service (FIS), the terrorist threat in Europe, including Switzerland, remains acute.