Regulations of charging stations

The market share of electric vehicle is growing at an ever increasing pace all across Europe. Availability of charging stations is one of the key success factors in the proliferation of electric vehicle. Nevertheless, the electricity meters used by customers of charging stations when recharging their electric vehicles are not subject to legal metrology in many European countries, including Switzerland. In the European Union, legal metrology lies under the jurisdiction of the individual member states. For certain measuring instruments, the requirements have been harmonised as part of the Measuring Instruments  Directive (MID). 

The risk of non-harmonised regulations that do not apply until after market introduction – resulting in new trade barriers as well as additional costs for charging station manufacturers and operators – should ideally be avoided. In order to prevent such trade barriers and better exploit the available synergies, the EURAMET-TC EM project no. 1539 known as LegalEVcharge was founded. Along with national metrology institutes, various supervisory authorities are also involved. Focal areas of the project include standards for DC active electrical energy meters and for meters used in charging stations, equipment for procedures in ten ded to maintain measurement stability, inspections, transitional provisions as well as (for demarcation purposes), issues outside the area of legal metrology. 

LegalEVcharge is working on the following topics:

  • Standard for direct current active energy meters,
  • Standard for meters for use in charging stations,
  • Equipment for maintenance of measurement stability (subsequent verification etc.),
  • General inspection, Transitional provisions and, for Differentiation,
  • Questions outsidethe scope of legal metrology.

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