International dialogues on asylum and migration

In addition to its many bilateral dialogues with other countries on asylum and migration, Switzerland also participates actively in dialogues at a multilateral level. Global forums for dialogue encourage exchange and cooperation on asylum and migration matters, both between states themselves and between states and other important actors, such as international organisations, civil society, the private sector and local authorities.

Switzerland has an interest in actively helping to shape this dialogue at all levels, to assert its migration-related concerns and share its experiences. Because of its comprehensive approach to cooperation with other countries on migration (migration partnerships), the special legitimacy and credibility of its commitment is internationally recognised in the global dialogue on asylum and migration.

The Swiss commitment and its positioning is also coordinated at a multilateral level within the framework of the interdepartmental structure on international cooperation on migration (ICM structure). The intention is that government should take a coordinated approach to Switzerland’s various activities, thus guaranteeing a coherent foreign policy on migration.


Last modification 24.04.2021

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